Treating Sensitivities With NAET

Using acupressure and kinesiology techniques.

Natural, Drug-Free Treatment

Most conditions will improve with desensitization.

Helping Autism with NAET

Dramatic benefits to children with autistic disorders.

Effective Treatment for Vog

Produced here on the Big Island, Vog sensitivities are very treatable using NAET.

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What Is NAET?

NAET is a gentle, relaxing, yet very effective technique to remove sensitivities to all substances. Virtually all NAET treatment results are permanent, though in certain cases a treatment may need to be boosted. So after you find relief of your symptoms, consider having an annual re-check.

We recommend that you get a book on NAET. Consider reading "Say Goodbye to Illness" by Dr. Devi Nambudripad or another of her "Say Goodbye" books available on Amazon. Or, for more information, see "What Is NAET Desensitization Treatment?"   

In very simple terms, NAET can be likened to an iPhone reset button. The cartoon below describes NAET in this simple way.

NAET Can Be Compared to an iPhone Reset Button!

Confused iPhone

Your computer (or iPhone) sometimes gets confused.

iPhone Reset

When that happens we need to push the reset button to bring it back to its original healthy settings.

Overwhelmed Person

Sometimes our bodies become overwhelmed too.

Person With Body Reset

We compare NAET to being like a BODY RESET BUTTON bringing your body back to its original healthy settings, so it can react to your environment and foods the way a healthy body does.

This desensitization process resets your body back to its original, healthy settings (before it became overloaded with toxicities to your environment, both emotional and physical). So after NAET, your body reacts to foods and your environment the way a naturally healthy body would! The beauty about NAET is that it can assess both physical and emotional stresses in your body and handle them.

In other words, NAET balances the energy blockages in the acupuncture meridians, which are caused by specific substances. Spinal manipulation at specific vertebral areas can relieve these obstructions of the energy flow and help your body arrive at a state of homeostasis with respect to the substances treated.

What Is the Process?

NAET practitioners desensitize patients to sensitivities beginning with the 5 basic food groups. These first 5 treatments are important as they include the most important nutrients vital to your body's functioning. With NAET, these nutrients become assimilated optimally. These treatments also include many of the most common sensitivities.

NAET starts by desensitizing patients to:

  1. BBF (a body and brain balancing treatment) plus a treatment to desensitize proteins (the egg mix).
  2. Calcium and Dairy Products.
  3. The Vitamin C Mix, which contains most vegetables and fruits along with vitamin C.
  4. The B Complex Mix (an important and surprisingly powerful treatment).
  5. The Sugar Mix.

Most people feel an alleviation of their symptoms with the first 5 treatments and then decide to continue on for 5 or more treatments.

Why are environmental sensitivities not included in the first treatments, even if they are a patient's most pronounced issue? Even if you have obvious symptoms to the environment (e.g., dust pollens, animals, the Hawaiian "vog"), treating for the initial food groups is important. This is because these treatments strengthen your immune system. These treatments reduce your "allergic load" and thus strengthen your immune system to handle what it needs to handle. The simple cartoon below explains "the rain barrel effect," which describes the allergic load phenomenon.

The Rain Barrel Effect

Rain Barrel

Picture your body as a rain barrel.

Rain Barrel Filling

Over the years, toxins and stresses accumulate in your rain barrel, your body. Some of these toxins and stressors can even be inherited from your parents.

Rain Barrel Overflowing

Over the years, toxins and stresses accumulate in your rain barrel, your body. Some of these toxins and stressors can even be inherited from your parents.

Rain Barrel Able to Hold Water

After we do the basic NAET treatments, the level in your rain barrel goes down and your immune system can handle things again. This is why your symptoms can go away even if we haven't cleared certain items like animals, pollens or the vog.

NAET Studies

NAET is a gentle, relaxing yet very effective technique to remove sensitivities to all substances. Most people enjoy the treatment! See the below studies showing that NAET WORKS!